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Hygge is Easy!

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Norwegian tradition of coziness or contentment in the sense of surroundings and well-being. When people think of Hygge they think of a cozy blanket, curled up at the fireplace, with candles, warm light, a warm drink, and maybe a book. We see pictures and everything looks happy and warm. Well there is more to it than that. Hygge is a sense of wellbeing and a practice of mindfulness. When you practice Hygge you are present in the moment and enjoying every second of it. It is a way to create a sense of contentment with yourself and others if you are with people.

Hygge has been around a long time. It was essentially a lifestyle created to address the cold, dark and often mundane days. So in a land were there are long periods of dark, a candle and a warm mug bring a smile and a bit of cozy to you. With Fall coming there are so many ways to cozy up!! I have seen many articles about Hygge and what you need in order to have Hygge. They are great but I look at them as suggestions. As we said above, Hygge is a sense, feeling, or lifestyle of coziness, contentment, warmth, and wellbeing. That means something different to everyone. Everyone has their cozy pants or socks, their cozy blanket, their favorite drink that warms them, and their favorite practice that brings them joy. So find what it means to you. Creating rituals that bring happiness, promote mindfulness and gratitude, and focus on the important (aka good) things in life is what its all about.

Here in the shop we have so many different things that promote a cozy lifestyle. Do you like to light a candle and take a hot bath? Soni’s Suds and Perfectly Scented with Brandy have beautiful soaps, bath salts, bath balms and other things to make your bathroom Hygge style. Snowberry Wreaths and Candles have amazing Fall scents that will make you feel warm and promote wellbeing. Reen’s Soy Candles will do the same and they can be used as lotion as well. We have Minky blankets, wool blankets, and hand woven blankets that will keep you warm and cozy. Do you like soft lighting? Northeast Living Lights creates a warm glow with all natural botanical lampshades and handmade lamp bases. We also have rustic décor that screams warmth and cozy. Made from reclaimed wood, many pieces are warm wood tones that are beautiful by Melanson’s Sawmill, Autumn Finds Rustic Creations, and Lightning in the Woods. Some people drink tea, hot chocolate, or coffee for wellbeing or warmth. We have Yellow Door Pottery with handcrafted mugs and The Bee Yard with raw local honey to add to your tea.

There are so many things that can create a sense of cozy, warmth, and wellbeing. Come visit the shop to see if you can find something to create a bit if Hygge in your home.

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