Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique Features This Month...

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique.  Our Artisans are amazing, unique and crafty.  We have a wide variety of Artisans and each month we like to spotlight them.

Northeast Living Lights

Handcrafted botanical lampshades and rustic handcrafted lamp bases.

We hand make every piece as if we were creating an heirloom for our own family.
It’s all done by hand, right here… from selecting and preserving the botanicals, to making our own shade patterns and trimming each one individually, one at a time. This way we can pay close attention to every detail and ensure the highest quality of our designs.

Autumn Finds Rustic Creations

Lamps, small tables and home decor created from reclaimed wood

Creating with conscious! Brian takes fallen wood from the area and turns it into beautiful tables, shelves and lamps.  A rustic must have for your home or office.

Snowberry Wreaths and Candles

Handmade Candles that will make your house smell amazing

These candles are triple scented and hand poured in mason jars.  The scents are delicious with various smells like cinnamon stick, pumpkin pancakes, egg nog, mulberry, lemon verbena, and so much more.  They burn long and the scent stays throughout the life of the candle.


Meet Our Artisans

The Northumbrian Cottage

Judith Connolly

The Northumbrian Cottage provides the shop with a beautiful Antique nook. Judith features midcentury antiques blended with her own handcrafted items.  Many of her items are home decor, small furniture, and unique pieces that you will love.  She also adds a British flair with tartan blankets, handmade animals with tartan and velvet, and other beautiful items.


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