Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique Features This Month...

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique.  Our Artisans are amazing, unique and crafty.  We have a wide variety of Artisans and each month we like to spotlight them.  Make sure you check out the Vendor Spotlight on Facebook!!!!


Right Round Shop

Lazy Susans that are anything but Lazy

These handcrafted wooden Lazy Suzies will have you spinning right round the shop.  They are hand stained and designed for any home decor.  They can be custom made and are great for wedding gifts, organization use, big dinner tables, and much more.


Jem Creations

Fossils, geodes, crystals, and more

This artisan is for you if you love crystals, rock or any other rocks from nature.  She also carries fossils so if you have a dino loving child like mine they are so neat.  These come in many shapes and sizes and she offers beautiful worry stones, inspiration stones and other beautiful gifts.  She also specializes in creating Adirondack Slag jewelry.  This is unique to our area and it comes from the mined oar in our beautiful ADKs.


Autumn Finds Rustic Creations

Handcrafted Wooden Furniture and Decor

Brian finds wood all over the place and has the creative mind to turn it into beautiful pieces of furniture, lamps, shelving, and other decor.  He hand carves pieces to look like our beloved critters here in Upstate New York.  You will not find a piece alike and you will love what he can create for you.


Meet Our Artisans


A Little Local Charm

Kristen Shave

A Little Local Charm creates resin and ink jewelry.  This mix creates a beautiful, colorful design that has depth and character.  No two are alike.  Kristen also makes map pendents and keychains.  These make great gifts for graduates and for sentimental gifts of home.