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Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique Features This Month...

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique.  Our Artisans are amazing, unique and crafty.  We have a wide variety of Artisans and each month we like to spotlight them.

John Los Chairs

Handcrafted Windsor Chairs, Stools, Artist/Musician Stools

John is a master woodworker.  He creates Windsor Chairs, stools of all types, spoons and many more wood pieces.  The craftsman ship is the highest quality and his pieces are heirlooms.  The majority of his work on the stools and chairs are done with hand tools.  A must have for anyone who loves classic furniture

Jem Creations

Fossils, Minerals, and Semiprecious Stones

JEM Creations brings us a wide variety of semiprecious stones, crystals, fossils, and more.  Anyone who loves stones such as Jasper, Quartz, Amethyst, you will love her display.  Judy also creates jewelry using Adirondack Slag which is the result of iron ore smelted.  Very unique and special to our area.

Natures Papers

Birdseed Wreaths Made With a Unique Blend Your Backyard Birds Will Love

Nature's Papers creates handmade birdseed wreaths.  She has perfected the blend and the recipe that holds the wreath together.  The local birds love this recipe for sure.  She also creates smaller ornaments and she up-cycles wine bottles and tea saucers to create bird feeders.  These high quality gifts are a hit for anyone who loves birds or bird watching.


Meet Our Artisans


The Northumbrian Cottage

Judith Connolly

The Northumbrian Cottage provides the shop with a beautiful Antique nook. Judith features midcentury antiques blended with her own handcrafted items.  Many of her items are home decor, small furniture, and unique pieces that you will love.  She also adds a British flair with tartan blankets, handmade animals with tartan and velvet, and other beautiful items.