Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique Features This Month...

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique.  Our Artisans are amazing, unique and crafty.  We have a wide variety of Artisans and each month we like to spotlight them.  Make sure you check out the Vendor Spotlight on Facebook!!!!


Perfectly Crafted with Brandy

Handcrafted home decor and lotions

These amazing lotions and soaps will have you smelling great and your skin loving you.  The mason jars that are created to hold candles, flowers, tissues and soaps are a great addition to any home or office decor.


Hand Knits by Bonnie

Hand knitted sweaters, hats and gifts

This artisan is a wonderful knitter and has created beautiful childrens sweaters for all your needs.  If you have a little one to buy for we have that unique gift!!


Two Blue Eyes Photography

Unique photography for your home

This professional photographer shows off her creative side at Thistle.  Using different lens effects she turns ordinary into extraordinary and your walls will love it.  I always post my favorite picture that she took of my antique cash register!  She is the one behind many of the beautiful photographs of the shop.


Meet Our Artisans


A Little Local Charm

Kristen Shave

A Little Local Charm creates resin and ink jewelry.  This mix creates a beautiful, colorful design that has depth and character.  No two are alike.  Kristen also makes map pendents and keychains.  These make great gifts for graduates and for sentimental gifts of home.