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2023 Challenge. What is yours?

With the New Year flying by already there are so many opportunities to challenge ourselves in 2023. Some people have fitness challenges, some have self care challenges, some have reading challenges, crafting challenges and more.

I like the challenges much better than resolutions. I find that resolutions are often rooted in negative mindsets rather than positive ones. Resolution is a firm decision to do something or to not do something which is very simple but often we turn it negative or severe. We say we want to lose weight but we don't give a target or a date and then the resolution flounders. If we switched it around and made a challenge to be kind to our body it changes the look of the goal and with challenges there is more structure to accomplish the challenge.

So what is your challenge this year? I saw a very funny meme during the holidays that talked about finishing all the knitting projects that are hanging around. Its funny because many knitters, crocheters, and other crafters have WIPs or Works in Progress that are always going and multiple projects at at time as well. But I really thought ok, what if I create a challenge to finish one unfinished project a month. This would allow me to work on other things as well as get an old project finished. So, that is the challenge I am going to really focus on in the realm of crafting.

Of course we have challenges for work, for home, for our health and so on so

there are many opportunities but when we frame it as a challenge and give it definition and structure think of what we could accomplish. Other great challenges are taking a day a week to stay off electronics. This is perfect if you have children as well because we know they are dialed in all day at school and at home. What about a reading challenge? Pick a realistic number and maybe add 1 or 2 to it

to push yourself and say I'm going to read 6 books a month. Think of all the adventures you will go on, the characters you will identify with, and the things you will learn. What about a money saving challenge? Decide on an amount and take it out weekly or monthly and put into savings for whatever you choose, You would be surprised how this builds up! What about a self care challenge. This one could be so fun when its personalized to you! How about learning a new hobby challenge? What is something that you have always wanted to try? Take a knitting class, a cooking class, paint and sip, learn to make something from wood or metal, and so much more. Pinterest, Facebook, Internet searches all have an abundance of ideas that you can look at for challenges and tweak them to fit your life.

So... My Challenge to you is to find a challenge that suits you, make it your own, and rock that challenge. You never know where it can take you. So many of our artisans took a challenge and they are not only creators but they are entrepreneurs. The options are endless, fun, and the feeling of accomplishment is so much greater than a typical resolution!

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