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Getting Ready

Opening day is coming soon and I am painting and working to get the shop set up for my amazing vendors!!!

Chalk Paint vs Latex Paint

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is great and fun to use. It has a flat finish and is very workable and forgiving. Some of the pros to using this is the fact that its thick and you usually have very little prep work. This is nice for those who want to do a project but don't have time. Chalk paint is as durable as latex paint. The difference lies in the finish. Once you apply the chalk paint you will need to apply a wax. This is what will protect your piece. If you want to antique it then you use a dark wax or an antiquing wax. This is fun and is really easy to work on the piece. You apply with a brush then wipe with a cloth. You can wipe away areas and expose the wood underneath or you can go heavy and leave the dark was which makes the piece look weathered and old. The paint and wax is a little more expensive than latex so that is something to factor in. When cleaning you have to avoid furniture polishes or any liquid wood cleaner!

Latex Paint

Latex paint is a great way to paint as well. If you want a shiner smoother look then latex is the way to go. You will not need to apply a wax or extra coat to seal the paint so that is also a time saver. Some however require a base coat. This can add on to the time. Latex is less expensive and if you want to try antiquing it you can use antiquing wax. I like the Valspar Antiquing Glaze. It is much more forgiving on the wax end than the chalk paint wax. If you make a mistake or its too heavy in places, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it off. This is good if you are new to this process. You can apply with a rag which allows you to highlight areas better than the brush. When using latex paint you can clean with wood cleaner or lightly dampened rag. I chose to go the route of latex with the checkout desk because of the fact I can wipe it down to keep it clean. What ever paint you choose you will have fun with your project. Happy Painting!!! Cassie

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