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Creative Coping by Tricia Lawton

For those of us who are on a healing journey, for the one seeking peace, for the individual learning how to love themselves...this one's for you.

As owner of Tricia's Ooak Art (rustic decor & furniture) I can only begin to tell you how important it's been to me creating one of a kind peices. Ive been seeking positive ways to cope with tragedy since there ever was one...ever since I could remember. As a child I had a few poems published but it wasnt until I was in an abusive relationship in my early 20s that I noticed my gift of woodworking. (Another story for another day) I have cried dramatically, literally wept while making some of my art but by the end of it I felt healed. I not only felt the liberating effects of processing information to comprehension I also had designed something only I can offer this world. In turn someone falls in love with your creation, the very thing that helped you grow stronger.For me, being an artist is to feel my emotions in a safe space and then deliver a beautiful masterpiece from the depths of my heart & soul. Maybe your space wont be so safe, mine wasnt always. I can assure you safe or not it is YOUR space and well worth having. I must say there's a level of risk an artist takes when thier heart and soul is poured out in their work. We may ponder over the thought of others not liking something we made or the appreciation and support isn't all there. Maybe that's why I create with no other intentions besides the attribution to my healing and wanting to provide my own decor. I'd risk it everyday again and again because it's all a part of my healing journey.I've never got ideas from pintrest but if that's where you start exploring there's nothing wrong with it! You can be proud of yourself for prioritizing in the aspect of self growth. Of course there are amazing opportunities to explore your talents at Thistle be Perfect so be sure to sign up for a workshop or two. Today, and forever, I will strongly encourage the powerful effects of coping through creativity. Make time for yourself in a way that leaves another person feeling happy when they are drawn to your work. It is literally a win win. I believe we all have it in us and that we all deserve to express ourselves & heal simultaneously. So as you see my original intentions didn't involve making money and today that's simply a bonus...not an expectation. Go and discover the unique abilities you have just waiting to be brought forth.

When you look at my art/ decor you can without a doubt believe that my creativity derived from a desire to cope wisely...well that and I needed a coat rack haha.

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