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Easter Ideas That Won't Drive You Crazy!

We all would love to have the Pinterest perfect holiday but that is not always the way it turns out between working, cleaning the house, and cooking the big meal (I will get to that in a second). So being a mom and running a business is wild especially at holiday times. You want everything to be perfect but don't forget to enjoy your time. I thought I would give you a few of my time saving ideas to make Easter awesome.

1. Eggs- So the traditional egg dying can be quite an experience. Eggs break, its time consuming, the dye gets all over, and you are ready to pull your hair out. This is supposed to be fun!!!! So this year try something different. I take plastic eggs and put in battery operated tea lights. Hide the eggs in and outside the house. The glowing eggs are fun and not as messy. 2. Easter treats- Worried about your little ones having a total sugar episode after discovering the basket? Or does your little one have food sensitivity?? My little guy is sensitive to non organic sugar and dyes but I don't want him to miss out on the sweet treats. Try these lollypops, these chewy candies, and many more ideas I found at Target. This allows the fun without the worry that they won't be able to enjoy the candy part of Easter. 3. The meal- Its awesome to have the big supper but it can be stressful. Outsource as much as possible (do not fear this!!). By that I mean go to the bakery and get Hot Cross Buns. Don't make them yourself (unless you have all the time in the world. If so Rock on!!). Or recruit your crew to bring desert or snacks deepening on what your plan is for your dinner. If Grandma's mashed potatoes are the best then have her make them and bring them. Then all you have to worry about is the meat. And guess what?? That is the easiest because it goes in the oven and you don't mess with it until its done!! 4. Decorating- If you are like me you want everything to look great. Don't spend too much time worrying about that. People are just happy to gather and be together. If you are compelled to get fancy don't do the whole house. Choose one thing like the table or an area to decorate. The table is easy and everyone will be there at one point during the day. Maybe grab an Easter basked and put some "grass" in it. Fill it with eggs and a bunny or flowers and place it in the center of the table. Its cute and colorful and won't break the bank or take a lot of time. Or an egg wreath in the center of the table with a pot of Spring flowers in the middle is nice too. 5. The Gathering- Finally don't forget that holidays are a time to spend with family and friends. And really, usually (there are some exceptions) you are the only one worried about how everything looks!! This is a time enjoy not stress. Your little ones are only little once and one day they will not be interested in searching for eggs or the Easter Bunny so make sure you don't forget that. They won't remember if you perfectly dyed eggs they will remember the memories made during your time together.

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